Furnace Installation

A furnace installation in ottawa is an essential appliance that is permanently installed to supply heat to an interior space through mediator fluid movement, which can be air, steam, or hot water. The most frequently used sources of fuel for modern furnaces is natural gas; secondly fuel sources include LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), fuel oil, coal or wood in some areas too. In some cases electrical resistance heating also works as the source of heat, particularly where the cost of electricity is low.

We at Air Control Heating Cooling, produce two kinds of furnaces for houses. These are Lenox Gas Furnaces and Lenox Oil Furnaces. There are additional variants in the form of older and newer models. The wide variety of choice will help you in choosing the particular furnace installation in ottawa which will suit your needs. If oil is cheaper in your locality then Lenox Oil Furnace will prove to be a sound option. In case if you have a readily and cheaply available access to gas then Lenox Gas Furnace will suit you the best.

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