Lennox Air Handers

An air handling unit, usually called AHU in short, is a tool used to regulate and flow air as part of heating, aerating, and air-conditioning system. An air handler is typically a huge metal box including a blower, heating or cooling agents, filter spaces, sound generators, and dampers. These are multipurpose devices that are not used for just a single purpose of either heating or cooling only. These amazing appliances can control the heating and cooling both, in building, houses and other internal spaces.

These devices help with controlling and managing a smooth and steady level of temperature throughout the position that it is installed in. We have a number of options available on our website that you can choose from and get that particular device installed in your place. Like all of our other products, the air handlers available on our website belong to the Lenox Company. These appliances are reliable and reasonably priced and can be used in any inner space.