Spend wisely during winters to save energy costs!

Winters are just around the corner and you probably are planning to purchase equipment just now to get a nice deal off the summer sale, right? Well, that’s great. We can’t wait to hear from you. However, here is a tip thru which you can save even more as energy costs.

Whatever equipment you may want to purchase, only ensure that it is ENERGY-STAR certified. Appliances certified from ENERGY-STAR provide high-efficiency along with durable performance. Let’s save big the next winter and also be socially responsible at the same time. Contact us today!

Save lots on energy costs this summer! – Part 2

We understand how difficult it is to cope up with growing expenses. Summers are really enjoyable, but the increased cost of energy consumption can get to your nerves. Well, don’t let it get you that easily. Simply follow these two tips as well to save even more during the summers:

  1. Get a cool roof installed at your home. These roofs prevent heat from seeping in and the cooling from getting out. These roofs can really help maintain the temperature evenly.
  2. Buy an air conditioner that is certified in providing high-efficiency. This means you save 20% on cooling costs already.

Here’s how your AC unit can perform twice as better!

Are you looking for the reasons why your AC unit isn’t cooling the house like it is supposed to? Do you think it’s probably the compressor that needs repairs? Well, that might be a probability. But it’s so rare yet everyone thinks that is the only problem.

Here’s another likely possibility – your AC unit is not installed the right way. Only an HVAC professional can make air conditioner installation in Ottawa right. Contact us today and save hundreds of dollars in repairs. Our teams will serve you with the motive to bring your equipment back to life!

All your cooling needs served under the same roof!

Summer is just around the corner and what you need is a cooling unit that can back your cooling requirements on the go. If you have battered equipment that can definitely be replaced, just know that Air Control Heating and Cooling always offers the largest online inventory of Air conditioners, dehumidifiers, digital thermostats and whatnot.

Our cooling in Ottawa services are trusted not only by many families but also by offices and other institutes across the city. If you’re in the market to buy new cooling equipment for your home/space, please head over to the products section.

Who to trust when it comes to AC repairs?

There might be a lot of HVAC services providers in your area, but the question is who are you going to trust in case your air conditioner malfunctions and has to be repaired? Will you go for complete economy and let in some unprofessional men, or go for the large names that will overcharge you for nothing?

We have a team for the most professional AC repair in Ottawa region services. If you are in Ottawa and are facing problems with your air conditioner, just let us know and our team will be at your door in minutes!

Our summer sale is here – where are you?!

Cambridge Heating and Cooling is proud to announce that its annual summer sale is doing well, just like it does every year. Wait a minute, did you not know we have a seasonal sale program in place? Well, you did come to know about it later than most of the people, but you won’t miss out on anything.

We have fresh stocks of all HVAC equipment so give our catalog a visit and get yourself an appliance this summer with a huge discount. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Hurray for summer sale!


How to reduce cost of repairs during summers?

One common problem that most of the residents of the Greater Toronto Area are facing this summer is the increasing cost of repairs. Have you noticed how this cost has gone up as compared to last year? Well, why does your equipment need so many repairs this time around? It’s not because of the wear-and-tear alone, but also the unprofessional installation you wasted your time and money on. Contact us today and we will send in an expert team to evaluate the installation of your equipment and help you save hundreds in repair expenses.

Save lots on energy costs this summer! – Part 1

You might already have planned that you are going to keep the use of cooling equipment at a low to save energy costs. Well, that is one way of doing it. The second way is to use these two simple tips and not compromise on the cooling at your home:

  1. Use CLF lights instead of the traditional incandescent lights at your home. This should save you as much as 80% in lighting costs.
  2. Using CLFs means lesser heat is produced. Only 10% of the energy in traditional bulbs is used to emit light; the rest is emitted as heat. With CLFs, less heat is emitted.

Two tips for saving energy costs during winters

It might be summers for now, but the winter season is not so far away. Soon the bright sun might not shine so brightly and this will leave you with some chilly nights. Did you know you can save your energy costs during winters with these two simple tips?

  1. Get the air filter of your furnace replaced every month. This means no duct is clogged up and you get uncompromised heating.
  2. Wear warmer clothes instead of blazing the temperature up on the thermostat. The more you rely on your equipment, the worse it will be for you to survive the cold.

What are the consequences of a poorly installed central unit?

Summers are still here and you need proper cooling backup if temperatures in your area are keeping you uncomfortable, even during the nights. A reliable cooling backup means excellent equipment coupled with professional installation work.

Who have you hired for your equipment’s installation work again? Do not trust the random man with a van guy that claims he is experienced and economic. With your central unit not installed properly, you will lose in 3 major ways:

  • Increased energy costs
  • Shorter life span of the unit
  • Increased cost of maintenance

Do not let such unprofessional people touch your equipment. Contact us today!