Terms and Services

I Accept the Terms and Services | Shipping and Return Policy;

It is understood and agreed that the title , ownership and the right of property to all products, goods and equipment covered by this contract remain solely with the seller until all of the payments as aforesaid are made in full and all other obligations of the buyer are fully performed and the manner of installation and/or attachment to any equipment and/or any portion of the building structure in which the installation is made shall not in any manner whatsoever jeopardize the seller’s title thereto.

After Payment Confirmation and successful Installation of Equipment, All the ownership will be transferred to Buyer.

Related work not included in our price.

This clause affects new furnace installations only. If a present chimney flue is in anyway defective, buyer will make necessary corrections at his own expense.

  1. Painting or repair on any surface that have to be touched or broken in order to complete the installation.
  2. Any required increase in the main electrical service or any permit for the premise.

Shipping and Returns

We will not only Ship the Equipment to your drop step but also INSTALLED the Equipment, Air Control Heating and Cooling has a Team of Professional Technicians who will install the Furnace / Air conditioner in your premises and upon satisfaction they will leave.

Customers do have a right to return the product immediately in case of any damage found at the time of installation, how ever, if they found any functional disability, We will replace the equipment subject to availability or give a time frame for the next delivery depending on the store inventory position.

We do not charge any penny for delivery and installation, Product price is inclusive of all;

Delivery of the Product

After confirmation of the order , We do deliver the Product absolute Free (Free Delivery) in our own fleet with all safety precaution to bring your equipment safe and sound along with our technical professionals for installation as quick as per the convenience of customer availability and time, normally it takes but not limited to 2-5 days.